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Sram red double tap shifter setup?

Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
edited June 2010 in Workshop
Can anyone advise me on setting up a sram red double tap front shifter? Its got the 2 standard positions ok for the front mech and then one additional press. Should this be for using the large ring at the front and the mid to upper rings at the rear?


  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
  • rjsmithrjsmith Posts: 1,924
    Yes, with red the trim is on the big ring, for use as you describe.

    2008 force had it annoyingly on the small ring until they changed it in 2009 and onwards.
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Thank you for the help. Will get it on the stand and all setup properly tomorrow. Its been bugging me every time i rode it.
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