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omg....... floods in france

mkfmkf Posts: 242
edited June 2010 in MTB general
first pds , traveling in 3 days was hoping for some nice weather......................unreal

they did say take waterproof by the looks of things best take a boat.

choose france over scotland cause unpredictable weather should have stuck with plan A

anyone suggest a plan C

rant over bit better now


  • Nothing to worry about, i live a few miles from the PDS and we've had a bit of rain but no flooding and absolutely nothing like you've seen on TV further south!
  • sara flowmtbsara flowmtb Posts: 118
    There's a lot of rain coming down, but no flooding and trails are all rideable and none of our guests are missing out on riding! Mostly it's been late afternoon rain, which is fairly standard for wet weeks here, so you get to ride most of the day before it comes down. Weather here is always unpredictable, just come prepared for anything! Forecast is for it to improve, although it does admit it's uncertain!
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