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Just bought some forks off a member on here and I made a complete hash of measuring the required steerer length :oops:

I only have about 3.5-4cm left when the forks are fitted! Is there a stem I can buy that'll fit or am I gonna have to write this off as a stupid error and sell the forks?



  • 5pudgun
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    That seems like plenty to fit any stem, you don't mean mm do you :?:
  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg Posts: 284
    No definately cm. My current stem, the default one that came with the bike is about 2.5 inches tall so wont fit. Are other stems thinner?
  • unixnerd
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    You can buy an A-Head extender to lengthen it.
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  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg Posts: 284
    I see evans sell an extender so thats an option cheers. Would rather fit a stem straight on there though, but nowhere seems to give their dimensions which is a bummer
  • supersonic
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    Most stems ae about 40mm.

    As it has to clear the top of the steerer by 5mm ish, should be fine.
  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg Posts: 284
    Cheers guys :)
  • HedleyP
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    This is great news.

    I have a pair of 2000 Marzocchi Bomber Z5's sitting in the garage as the steerer tube is too short for my bike and had given up all hope of using them.

    I have searched on Evans site but can't see the extender and the only one I can find on Google is called a BBB Aheadstem Steerer Tube Extender 09 http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/bbb-ahea ... 21879.html

    Apart from the weight issue, is there any reason not to get one of these?

    I'm excited now!
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  • nikstar1
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    Check out


    Got loads of stems and if your unsure of the size then give them a call. They really know what they are talking about and will be able to sort it for you!

    Also if your not based in the South then they will deliver so definitely worth a shout.