planet x wheelset - wear on the hub splines - any clues?

mellisr1 Posts: 67
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guys, I got a set of these 3 or 4 months ago now after reading various threads here and thought on balance they were going to be better than the standard bontragers and only 99 quid.

well they were nearly 1kg lighter (all in with tires etc) than the stock wheels, ran smooth and true and I am well chuffed from that perspective.

however, I broke a spoke a few weeks ago (at the nipple) and I only just got round to getting it ready for the lbs tomorrow. I decided to take the cassette off and this is where I noticed that the splines (think thats what they're called - the groved bits the cassette slides over on the freehub). Well the cassette was new at time of wheels (shimano 105) and the splines are starting to cut up on the edges the sprokets would bear on when cycling. it;s not all the way down (there's nothing next to spokes or near lock nut (just where the loose sprokets in the middle).

It is bad enough that it stops the washer next to spokes coming off. I torqued the locknut up to correct amount - is it something I've done i.e. is there too much play or do you have other suggestions?
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