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Hi there,
Having only recently got into MTB I'm looking to book a skills course. Various searches of t'interweb has highlighted Cycle Active as a decent provider, I'm looking to book their Singletrack Skills 2 course at Cannock.

Has anyone had any experience of this or any similar courses?

Many thanks



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    I've done this as well as the jumps and drops course.

    The content we covered on the course you're looking at doing was:
    - Quick check of bike that it was in working order
    - Climbing technique
    - Braking technique
    - Trackstands
    - Power assisted front wheel lift (a mini wheelie to get you over obstacles whilst climbing)
    - Vision (i.e. where you look when riding)

    I found it was pretty good - I had been hoping for a bit more general cornering technique and to learn how to bunny hop properly but there is only so much you can fit into a day. It all helped me, particularly the vision stuff, and I did leave the day a better rider.

    For the small outlay I'd say it was money well spent, but if you want to cover a certain aspect of your riding you may want to contact them beforehand to ensure something specific is covered on the day so you can get them to build it in or recommend another course. They are a pretty helpful bunch...

    I also did the jumps and drops course where most of the day covered drops - at the time Cannock was struggling a bit for jumps (pre-Monkey Trail). Again it was excellent, only for me to have an accident soon after and dent my confidence :roll:

    I cannot vouch for what they are like against other training providers mind you...

    Overall I would recommend them. Best of luck,

  • Hi

    I did course at Dalby with Steve from Chasing trails. He was brilliant and would recommend him to anyone. Already 5 of my biking friends have done a groups course with him on the moors.

    In regards to courses he runs 1 and 2 day excursions all over the place. He is a very good teacher and got me and bro doing the black run by the afternoon. He covers all major skills but he will do anything you want.

    hope this helps

    think his website is