Pro-Lite Allein Wheels- marin upgrades

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Man, it seems like all i ever do on this forum is ask, i promise one day i will have the knowlege to answer someone elses questions :)
anyway, now that summer is with us i have started to think about upgrades for my mtb. i curremtly ride a marin nail trail (08 or 09) and have really enjoyed getting a bit more serious with my riding- starting to have a pop at black routes in trail centres (dalby) and more vigerous xc. i have read arround and realise that the first major upgrade that most do to improve their steed is the wheels (please correct me if i am wrong) and have found these ... elID=49323
they seem fairly good but there is verry little info on them online, and i havnt seen them in any mags.i would like to know if anybody has used these, or knows if they are worth the money and is their weight light for what they cost?
also if these are a dud, could anybody suggest some for arround that price. on a side note, i am trying to rock the orange and white trim look with my bike (vain i know but hey) so any other white wheels would also be great.
finaly after wheels what upgrades should i start to think about?
cheers :D