XC Forks for aging Cannondale?

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So, I've dusted off the M600 I've had since new, in 1995 no less. It's got some Rockshox Quadra 21s on it at the mo, which are, yellow. And that's pretty much all they do. So, I was thinking, if I were to chuck a couple of hundred quid, would I be able to put some better forks on there, and *would it be worth the effort?* The bike is old, it is in good shape, it's got nice wheels, I'm happy with the groupset, it rides well, but I canne see when going down anything approaching a 'hill'. My eyeballs bounce about too much!

It's got Vbrakes, and I can't see the point upgrading things like brakes to discs or hydraulics, so they have to stay. And the big issue I'm afraid of looking into is that it's got a 1 1/4" aheadset. So I guess I need to shim it or get a different size steerer.

Is all this hassle worth it, or should I put the 'couple of hundred quid' into a new bike, say, £500 worth? How does new stuff compare to this, given that I spent about £1000 on it when it was new...

Opinions / experiences? Cheers! :)


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    Yep, would need a step down headset or something similar. And obviously canti mounts which are harder to find too on forks.

    Nice frame - depends how much you love it lol. I still run my 96 zaskar, but for 500 quid you can get a lot of bike ie the Carrera Fury or Decathlon Rockrider 8.1
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    It is a nice frame to be honest, it's in good nick too, I've never stacked it properly, and it's light enough to be 'good' still, so I'm hopeful of keeping it going.

    I can't imagine forks longer than 100mm would be too clever on it though, as it was never designed with suspension in mind...
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    ? :(