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Alton hants ....

merliemerlie Posts: 276
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is there much riding to be had in Alton Hampshire ?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    There's some leisurely family riding around Alice Holt. Not sure if there's anything more serious around there.

    Up by Bracknell you have Swinley Forest which has a lot of stuff (fairly flat, but a self contained trail centre-ish kind of place). One of the key places most people go to starting out in the area.

    There are bits and pieces around the army land around Aldershot/Fleet/Deepcut/Pirbright areas. Google 'Tunnel Hill Trolls' for a group that does this stuff.

    And over to the right of Surrey you have the whole of the Surrey Hills which is about the best I know of in this area for singletrack. Check out the London Calling thread for that as a load of us do Surrey Hills.

    There's a lot of common land in Surrey you can ride (strictly speaking keeping to the bridleways, but there's singletrack dotted around, even some jump areas).
  • flowproflowpro Posts: 64
    There is an XC course but it's probably not open to the public outside race event.

    Maybe you could enquire!
  • EranuEranu Posts: 712
    Or you can go south to the Downs, QE Park etc.
  • IcarusGreenIcarusGreen Posts: 531
    Around Bordon they're having a xc race next weekend.

    Speak to the guy in 1st gear cycles in Alton, he's v.helpfull
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