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Changing hoods

robmurr2000robmurr2000 Posts: 166
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Does anyone know of links for videos where I can see how to go about replacing my old hoods with new ones?Cheers.


  • I've done it a couple of times with my 9-speed 105s without any problems. A drop of washing-up liquid might help when putting the new ones on. They come off and go on again from the handlebar-side of the things, so you need to remove the levers from the bars first.

    If they're Campag, I can't offer any advice.

    Good luck!
  • nagraynagray Posts: 7
    I have changes ultegra hoods ... annoying to have to remove the bar tape and levers but went on OK, I put the new hoods in hot water for a while first ... not sure if this helped or not? Slippy suckers when wet
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,467
    With campag ones at least it's pretty much a question of brute force... I usually start at the front/top and pull them over. It can take a while and a bit of cursing... The worst bit is getting the main part of the hood over the knob at the top of the lever, you have to alternate between pulling from the front and pulling the rear part towards the knob. Putting them back on is much the same in reverse. Once they are roughly in place you need to shuffle them around to get the retaining plugs pressed into the appropriate holes in the lever.

    I find I need to take the hoods off when I'm undoing or tightening the bolts that hold the levers onto the bars in order to get the hex key in properly, even with an extension. Otherwise you risk rounding the bolt...
  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    just boch it
    going downhill slowly
  • robmurr2000robmurr2000 Posts: 166
    Thanks for the advice.
  • secretsqizzsecretsqizz Posts: 424
    Hudz have videos on their website showing installation.
    Well if their links worked, it would show you how to put brake hoods on Shim, Camp and Sram
    waiting with bated breath for specific 6700 covers in white from Hudz..

    With internal routing for 6700 do you now need to remove the levers from bar in order to put the hoods on?
    My pen won't write on the screen
  • I have just changed my sram force hoods and i found that tipping boiling water over the old hoods made them supple; which made their removal quite easy, without taking off either levers or tape.....
    Leave the new hoods in a mug of boiling water for a short while and then slide them both on the levers and tip cold water on them to shrink them back to normal size....
  • HUDZ makes hoods in different colors...
    note,they are also a tight can Not use '9 speed covers'
    on a 10 speed lever...
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