Campag 10 speed chain

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I need to replace my Campag 10 speed chain for the first time and don't want to buy an expensive & unnecessary tool. There are a few suggestions around on the web; use a standard tool and hope for the best, use a non-Campag 10 speed chain and even one suggestion of using a Shimano 9 speed chain as it will fit the Camag 10 speed cassette spacing. Before I remove the chain and find myself stuck I'd appreciate any advice.


  • Smokin Joe
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    KMC, SRAM or Wippermann all come with a joining link and can be shortened with a standard tool.

    I use KMC and Wippermann, both run perfectly and are easy to fit.
  • leejdavies
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    Got a this KMC chain works brilliantly and is easy to remove for cleaning. Wouldn't bother with a campag chain. And if you do buy a SRAM 10spd powerlink.

    Hope that helps…
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    Imo the Record chains are much better than any KMC offering. I have just replaced my lasat one which lasted 7 years.

    Just use it with the KMC 10C Missing Link if you're worried about taking it off and cleaning it. Or you could buy the official tool, as I did which I do recommend, and if you want to unlink any time, replace with the official HD-link.
  • mpd62
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    KMC joining links come shimano/campag specific the campag one 5.9mm works fine on campag chains
  • Thanks for the replies.
    I'm going with the KMC from my local shop.