What to choose?

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fancy giving clipless a go, so here comes the can or worms




tempted by the eggbeaters myself as the new stuff has just come into stock at a store I use. But i'm very much the newbie.

Thanks in advance for your opinions


  • toasty
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    I'd go SPD. You can adjust the pressure required to unclip, not to mention £20 will get you a set of M520s with cleats. Bargain.
  • Oxygen Thief
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    What's the pros and the cons of the two? Just briefly?

  • CraziScot
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    I use the Mallets, which have the Eggbeater at their core. With the cleats fitted at 15deg exit angle I've had no bother learning and clipping out, even mid topple. The pedals never clog with mud either, even the sloppy/sticky clay round the West Country.
  • omegas
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    Shimano SPD with multi-release cleats to start with then slacken them all the way off and you can release your foot with a hard pull upwards for them panic moments.
  • PXR5
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    I'd also say SPuDs as you can wind them fully open to begin with making it easy to release, then tighten them up later. Friend who uses eggbeaters (Crank Bros) has found them "too loose" not for release, simply that his foot moves around too much and doesn't feel firmly attached to the pedal.
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    Eggbeaters are great cause you can use them to make cakes as well.
  • Benno_Bro
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    Sounding like Shimano SPD's are the ideal starting pedal.

    One more question to the mix, has anyone started out on the beaters? what was their experiences?

    I keep going on as due to my location (Middle of nowhere, Canada....not even a road coming into this town!) I can strangely source the beaters easily, and haven't found a spud source yet (other than ebay)

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your help
  • midle of nowhere.... without a road... wow. what about go to the nearest big city? or on line stores beyond ebay. Maybe they go till u. good luck
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    Doesn't Chainreaction deliver to Canada? I'm pretty sure they deliver everywhere else in the known universe.