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3 month old 60cm Croix de Fer - London Rathbone Place

TeqqlesTeqqles Posts: 20
edited June 2010 in Road stolen
- Location it was stolen from
Rathbone Place, London (Cycle parking outside Royal Mail)
- Date and Approximate Time
10th June 2010, between 13:00 and 17:40
- As much information about the bike as you know, Or Pics.
White 60cm Croix De Fer, with brown seat and bar tape, black wheels, bottle cage includes a pump mount and it has a space bar at the rear.




- Frame number (where possible)

Cycle Surgery cocked up but its one of these two :P

UK410049697 or MN9070932

All I can say is I am gutted, I thought a gold lock would afford my some security :([/img]
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