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Buzz when freewheeling/MAVIC wheels

gbsgbs Posts: 450
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My Mavic wheels are just one yr old; since february I have frequetly heard a distinct buzz and felt a vibration (not severe) up the seat tube when freewheeling at 30-40kph This goes away as soon as I turn the pedals by the smallest amount ie no engagement or pressure is necessary.

The wheels were part of a new c/f bike. The seller has checked thoroughly twice, including test rides, but cannot replicate the problem. He has no solution to offer except to return the wheels to Mavic - not v convenient.

When summer arrived -haha - I switched the wheels to a titanium frame but have the same problem. Meanwhile the c/f frame with replacement Campag wheels rides perfectly.

Any thoughts?
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    Good news it's incredibly simple to fix, though some dealers don't seem to know how to :roll:
    Your freehub has run dry! You need to remove it and lube with 'mineral oil' or as Mavic recommend 'Pedro's Road Rage'. It's all in the Mavic technical site ... c_tech.php

    Login is 'mavic-uk', password it 'dealer' just find your wheels in there and it shows you instructions on how to do it. Or just ask your LBS to open the freehub and lube it with mineral oil. I had an identical problem and fell out with my LBS over it as the didn't believe than was the problem - then they had to eat humble pie when it worked :twisted:
  • gbsgbs Posts: 450
    @ADIHEAD: many thanks. Yr comment looks spot on and coincides with advice from the LBS (not the seller). I have already cut and pasted yr comment in an email and have requested a service on Tuesday. Meanwhile, am I endangering the mechnism by continuing to ride?
    vintage newbie, spinning away
    Hiya, basically the noise is the metal pawl, rubbing on the nylon inner freehub. So yes it will cause wear but, if you ride it like a fixie (ish) you shouldn't cause much damage :idea:
  • pinkbikinipinkbikini Posts: 876
    You're lucky it was just a buzz. My Mavic started screaming on a 45mph decent during a race - I thought the rear axle had collapsed and the wheel was screeching against the frame! Very unnerving...
    As above, an easy fix luckily - just a bit of oil and it seems fine. Probably something worth doing every 6 months or so if you use the wheels regularly.
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    I had the same - it's a really easy fix - probably a 10 minute job when you've done it once.

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    Every 6 months, better do mine again then :roll: Only trouble I have is trying not dropping the pawl springs :oops:
  • gbsgbs Posts: 450
    Rather than wait unti an appointment next week I accelerated the process, took the wheel off and drove for 50 mins to the seller today where a young mechanic found some debris in the hub, replaced some parts and all seems well. I will give it a good thrash tomorrow AM and if I do not post you may place yr bets on a) he forgot b) he crashed c) his system has crashed.

    Whatever the outcome I think this was a v good example of the power of the web; aggregation of "amateur" advice can be supererior to even the most renowned of bike retailers. Thanks to everyone - I was begining to feel that I was paranoid.
    vintage newbie, spinning away
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