Track cycling suitable for beginners?

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I'm wanting to start cycling, but haven't yet done too much about it. A friend has recently been talking about track cycling which as I live in Manchester, got me thinking. Is track cycling suitable for those that haven't ridden for a while or do you need to be quite fit to give it a go?
I suffer quite badly at times from hayfever, so the idea of cycling indoors appeals during the pollen season. Any advice/oppinions would be appreciated.


  • johnmiosh
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    As you live in Manchester, just give it a try. Taster sessions are open to the public, there is a waiting list of 4 - 6 weeks. You get basic instruction for an hour with bike and helmet hire thrown in for free. Total cost 9.90. Plus 4.20 if you don't have cycling shoes with delta cleats. For details see ... track.html