fatty grips

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is odi rogue or yeti the fattest? looking a pair of grips for long hands. 20cm from base of hand to tip of middle finger.


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    RaceFace Good n Evil grips are really REALLY chunky, but not sure how they compare to ODI Rogues.

    20cm doesn't sound all that big, I'm pretty sure my hands are about the same.
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    sorry, how did you get your good n evil grips off & on the handlebars.
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    with hairspray, then got them off with a screwdriver and more hairspray, same as every other non-lockon grip.
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    I use Sunline Logo Lock-ons (Thick) and these are perfect for my sausage fingered shovel hands........
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    I hate you people.

    I knew my grips were a bit small, but was going to live with it for the time being, until next month at least, and now I'm on the hunt for grips which fit my massive hands.

    And of course, I've just spotted those fancy Ergo-grips at 30 quid which look the business.