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Mid-week Evening Rides in Worcestershire

turkinatorturkinator Posts: 25
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I've just returned to Bromsgrove after a decade living up North.

I'm looking to join up with riders for mid-week evening rides Tue, Wed or Thu. Thinking that the Lickeys, Clent or even Malvern would be ideal locations.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Have a look on the Wyre thread on this forum - there's a ride Wednesday evening and quite a few come from your area. Would be a good opportunity for you to meet riders of varying abilities, some fast, some pootlers and some chatter boxes :)
  • sassysarahsassysarah Posts: 421
    some pootlers and some chatter boxes

    Hope your not talking about me!!..There a real good crowd...they also ride evening rides up Clent as well!

    Look on the Facebook site as well "Wyre forest MTB Trails" most of the rides are posted in the events bit
    Biking censored of Wyre....rides with anyone!
  • mountymounty Posts: 682
    As above, check out the Wyre warned, lots of chatting * !! :shock:

    * Excluding me :D
  • missgroovermissgroover Posts: 263
    Not always Mounty! Depends who's out. I'm all for a bit of banter but also like to keep the pace going - no point making the trip out otherwise.
    I live in Brum and keen to ride in the week. Considering I grew up about 5 miles from the Lickeys I have never cycled there - is there much and is it worth it? Fancy guiding one evening?
  • mountymounty Posts: 682
    I know miss groover, only teasing! :D

    A few of the other riders that I ride with.......their time is precious (married, children, work etc) out on the bike and a few of them just want to keep on riding and make the most out of the time that they have...

    The chat & banter is fun, but not so much on all the stopping and starting....
  • missgroovermissgroover Posts: 263
    Totally agree there - it's good that everyone gets on and can have a laugh but we all go to ride at the end of the day...and sometimes there's more banter than riding! :lol:
  • Nick1978Nick1978 Posts: 93
    Im always up for a midweek ride if people can get over to evesham to explore the cotswolds but couldnt get over bham way in time because fo work commitments. Let me know if anyone ever fancies it, ta! nick
  • Mick ArmsMick Arms Posts: 141

    You're in luck, also 'Grove based. Ride mainly with a group of lads called the 'Clent duffers' but have done a few rides with the Wyre group off this forum.

    I ride over Clent, Lickeys and mainly the Wyre. Do shifts so tend to be free for 4 days then working the other 4.. However, this week just doing nights tonight and Tuesday so free for Wed day time/ nights..
    But doing Mayham this weekend, so up there Thursday setting up, then upthere from Friday afternoon till Sunday.
    Crashing hard since 94...
  • badflawbadflaw Posts: 32
    Hello 1 Im new to Birmingham and Im up for some riding. Im without a car at the moment though, but I tihnk i can get to the lickeys easily by train , also cannock chase and wyre..
  • turkinatorturkinator Posts: 25
    OK I'm tempted by a ride in the Wyre forest on Wednesday as I've never ridden there. Where do you meet and at what time?
  • Mick ArmsMick Arms Posts: 141
    Depends, the clent duffers normally meet for 7PM, (Same time as the Duke William fast boys.), Sometimes we tag along with them before splitting off, the Wyre group meet for 7.30.

    Both groups meet at the duke william pub.
    Crashing hard since 94...
  • Hello,

    Im local to Worcester although originally from the Lakes. Looking to get back into the saddle but really could do with hooking up with some riders who know the local trails. Would love to tag along on any weekend rides around Wyre/Malverns/Clent. Bit out of shape so would probably be hanging of the back to start off with.

    Would really like to meet up with folks who know a few decent rides.

    Thanks in anticipation,

  • Mick ArmsMick Arms Posts: 141
    Hiya Dan, I'm over the wyre tonight at 7 if you want to tag along.
    Crashing hard since 94...
  • Hi Mick,

    Sorry, I only picked up your message just now. Sods law but I'm working over the weekend but up for a jaunt one day next week perhaps? Wednesday maybe?


  • Mick ArmsMick Arms Posts: 141
    Hiya Dan, no worries. will be over the wyre tomorrow night, then free Thursday onwards..
    Crashing hard since 94...
  • mountymounty Posts: 682
    Sods law but I'm working over the weekend but up for a jaunt one day next week perhaps? Wednesday maybe?

    Hi Dan

    Not sure if its a bit short notice, but there will be a ride in the Wyre tonight (Weds 18th Aug).

    Riding at 7.30pm, meeting at the Duke William pub car park.

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