Sheffield/South Yorks clubs/groups?

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Just wondered if anyone knows of any women only/women friendly MTB groups/clubs in & around the Sheffield/South Yorks/N.Derbyshire area?

Asking on behalf of my wife, because she reckons that her skills and confidence will improve quicker without some smelly blokes 'advising' her how to do it (er...not me of course.... :oops: )


  • Hey hoots! I live in Derbyshire and spent quite a while looking for mtb skills courses in my area. I found the closest to be with getmountainbiking and I did courses at Woburn sands and harlestone firs... Couple of hours on the motorway but good courses for women only
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    Cheers for the info Konalisa. My wife (AJ) recently did a skills day with an instructor called Emmy Hoyes, who's based near Marple and does courses on the Western Edge of the Peak. AJ's also did a couple of skills days with Kate Potter about 18 months ago in Sherwood Pines, but she's now trying to ride more challenging natural terrain.

    AJ got on really well on Emmy's skills day, and it was Emmy that suggested AJ try riding in a more supportive female/mixed group to bring her skills on (crikey, what does this say about me eh :cry: ) According to Emmy it's very common for couples of mixed ability to end up loosing patience with each other - er...normally the fault of the fella telling his partner 'come on, it's easy' or 'just watch how a Zen master does iiiit....ooooo.err..CRASH!'

    I think what AJ would like to try is riding with some other people to see how she gets on -er..apparently, preferably not a group of 'testosterone t*****s', hmmm....that'll be most male mountain bikers then :wink:

    Don't suppose you do any riding over the Eastern side of the Peak District do you?
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    Hello hoots

    Not quite in her back yard, but maybe she could look into joining NATS, who are 'East Midlands'?

    I think there's a pretty good range of ability among club members and a decent amount of girlies there too.

    Me and the hubby were planning on joining, but he's busted his shoulder doing aikido and has been told to stay off the bike for a few months and a lot of my spare time is taken up with studying at the moment, so its a bit hit and miss when we can actually get out and join in with anything.
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    Ta for the info gb2gw. NATS sounds like a good option that both of us could join - I guess I could slope off on my own with some of the faster guys ( am I kidding!). I noticed that they do some rides over our way. We also go over to Sherwood Pines quite often (not to do the red, but the 'off the radar' native trails), so we could potentially do some of the other rides.

    p.s. Soz to hear about your husband - an old mate of mine used to aikido, sounds far too 'ouch' for me. Good luck with the studies and thanks again for the info.
  • Hey hoots! Do you fancy organising a ride? We could do sherwood pines or Cannock or a ride in the peaks... My better half is good to ride with as he doesn't burn off even though he can and is very encouraging (but don't tell him that!!)
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    Hi Konalisa, yeah, if you're around this weekend, we're thinking about going over to 'Pines on Sat or Sun morning (I think AJ fancies a less techical ride than last weekends rock encrusted ride! - she's also getting used to her spangly new FS bike, and doesn't want to hurt it :) ). We go over to Pines quite a bit, so we can show you some of the 'native' trails - unless you're already familiar with 'em of course. Saturdays are normally a bit quieter if we want to dodge on & off bits of the red route.

    Drop us a PM if you're interested.
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    Hey Hoots

    When me and 'im are back in the game again, so to speak, you'd be welcome to join any of our little outings. We mostly ride in the (eastern side of the) Peaks at the weekends and there's usually another couple of mates (a he and a she) who join us.

    Hubby started up a little email mailing list a while back of mates we know that bike (of varying ability, speed and enthusiasm) and had taken to emailing round during the week touting for interest for a ride that weekend. If you're interested we could maybe add your email to that list?
    Like I say, we're both out of action at the moment, but we've got a mtb holiday in Chatel in August, and hubby's osteo has assured him his shoulder will be better for then, so we should be able to come out to play again after that (get back 18 August) :D

    Same to you konalisa for your and yours, if you're interested in hooking up for a ride sometime? Always good to meet new couples - and especially always good to see more girlies out on the trails!

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    Hey Rosie,

    Yeah, that sounds good. I've dropped you a PM with my email address.

  • Hey rosie

    that's sounds great... Add me to the list... I'll pm you now with my address

    hoots, I'm just about to pm you too!
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    helloooo, sorry to butt in on the convo! :wink: Wondered if you could add my name to your email list, me and my bloke would love to meet up with some like minded people that dont whoosh at 40 mph! We normally ride Sherwood pines and Dalby red routes but would love to find new trails!!! Trying our best to get fit at the moment and trying to throw some miles in.....hope you can help!! :shock:
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