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Zummerset riding

maughhhhmaughhhh Posts: 836
edited July 2010 in MTB rides
I'm back baby!!!

haven't been on these forums for a long long time (been in NZ for a few years) and surprised my profile still exists.

I have returned to find all the people I used to ride with no longer interested in the sport so I thought id see if riders still exist out there......
Fancy meeting up for a ride or updating me on the latest info/good places to ride?
I live in the Glastonbury area but have transport.



  • Garry73Garry73 Posts: 116
    Hi there,

    Also just getting back into riding again and all my old riding buddies are no longer about. I live in milverton just past taunton. If you fancy meeting up on the hills for a ride, but I'm still getting myself bike feet again.
  • maughhhhmaughhhh Posts: 836
    Hey there!

    Yes mate sounds good, and I'm the same!
    I like anything from xc/freeride/downhill - I just like being on my bike!

    Let me know when your going for a ride, just got my forks back from servicing and I'm off up the Quantocks to test 'em today so ill let you know how it goes.
  • Garry73Garry73 Posts: 116
    How did you get on today ?

    I going to try and make it up tomorrow for a few hours around midday if your about.
  • joec1joec1 Posts: 494
    Im off to Cwmcarn sunday (13th) if your interested in tagging along?

    A Group of us from are riding over there (leisurely riding as opposed to racing around) 11am ride time. - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
  • Garry73Garry73 Posts: 116
    Would love to have come but got a enduro race on sunday. That's not on the mountain bike but my beloved ktm :D
  • joec1joec1 Posts: 494
    nice, your into the enduro scene too :)

    I have a Husaberg FE380, and ride occasionally in the Midwest Enduro's/ - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
  • Garry73Garry73 Posts: 116
    Yep love my ktm got an exc 250 2 smoke, first season riding enduro and really enjoying it. use to ride motox but gave that up a few years back after my bike got stolen.
  • Hi guys, I live in Taunton and am starting to do more off-road riding now.

    If anyone wants to meet up for a ride on the Quantocks or elsewhere then let me know.
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