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scottbowlby - NEGATIVE

iceaxiceax Posts: 72
Tried to buy a stem and bars of scott.

Deal was done one evening and he advised if payment was sent before 9.00am the next
day then he would send the items that day.

Payment sent as requested, communication started to slow down (stopped altogether now)
and no signs of any goods.



Scottbowlby, you have been banned. If you are reading this scott, and have a very good reason for all these complaints, please email the admin.



  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Paid for some brakes of Scottbowlby. After two weeks I contacted him as they had not arrived, he gave a plausable excuse and promised to send the next day. Now 4 weeks and he is not replying to PM''s. Reading his links for other items he has ripped someone off for payment of £245 on forks. Done me for the brakes and someone else for stem and bars. Avoid at all costs
  • SCOTT325SESCOTT325SE Posts: 888
    Tim, the figure is actually £235 and the recipient of his d1ck1ng about is me!

    I was struggling to get a camera to work so instead of sending the photos and making him wait till i could get a working camera, i sent a set of 09 Reba Team forks to him. The forks were a VERY good price and I was VERY kind to have sent them to him without payment. Ive given him MORE than ample time to pull his finger out of his ar5e but all I get are lies (gave some excuse of his mum having a heart attack or stroke or whatever the fek it was.. I dont care anymore what the excuse was) .... All this after he had apparently sent the payment twice. Bo11ocks! Payment had never been sent at all.

    Scott Bowlby, I have your address. You have my forks. I have offered you two pleasant solutions - 1) pay me for my forks. 2) send my forks back to me.
    There is a third option that I did not want to have to resort to... which is turning up on your doorstep and collecting the forks myself. I dont know if you have children or not, but I would not want to have to put your children through seeing their daddy argueing with a stranger.. in your own house. I've offered you pleasant solutions Scott Bowlby... please dont make me escalate this to having to physically remove the forks from your possession, because not only would that be a waste of my time but that would make you look a complete censored if I have to turn up and collect them myself.... in front of me, and your family. Trust me... you dont want your kids thinking daddy is a thief and thats what they'll end up thinking if 'strange people' start turning up to take things that belong to them.!
  • ste_tste_t Posts: 1,599
    SCOTT325SE - Did you get your forks back then?
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