i think i need new tyres

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I'm not sure if it's down to technique or the bike but i just don't feel i have much control of my bike. The front under steers and the rear over steers and slides. I feel i have very little grip. I currently use 2.3 conti speed kings and i ride on the north downs, so very sandy stuff.
As far as i am concerned they tyres are fast and light enough for me but the wear out quickly and don't have the grip i want.

Does this sound like an issue i can fix by throwing money at it or am i just going to have to get better the hard way?


  • blister pus
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    if you check the recent 'most hated tyre' thread the standard conti 'kings' crop up a lot, so it's not just you. So time for a tyre change.
  • fredy
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    good good, that's what i wanted to hear. What's recomended for good good and cornering on sand?
  • Oxygen Thief
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    Sand aint going to be easy tog et grip on whatever tyres you use. Kenda Nevegals I would say be best option.
  • Luke-Dob
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    Sand wise, Minion Front and High Roller rear have proved to do better than other tyre I have tried.

    Though they are both in Super Tacky (42a) compound at 2.5 width.
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    Yeah big massive wide ones you want. Think about it more surface area means you sink in less. Gotta be the aim for riding on sand?
  • fredy
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    or maybe you want to sink and dig in so it doesn't move from under you.
  • Koiler
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    minions here too

    i mainly ride chicksands which is pretty, well, sandy...

    very rarely do i run out of grip. talent on the other hand, thats a different story.

    they are quite draggy on the flatter stuff though so maybe go for a high roller on the back (as said above)

    could always try one of these on the back :lol:

    http://www.maxxis.com/Bicycle/Mountain/ ... er-SS.aspx

    not much use in the wet i dont think :lol: but i bet it rolls quick!
  • fredy
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    are the high rollers good for cornering grip? Its my rear that slides out unpredictably, even with my weight to the back. I don't mind a little bit of a loose back end, but the slightest of turns can end unpredictably and narrow single track can be a real bitch at times.
  • peter413
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    High Rollers are very good cornering wise.

    I would suggest 2 F Minions though. Despite what lots of people say, I find they roll better than the High Rollers.

    Run the rear the right way around for faster rolling and lots of grip or the wrong way around for better braking grip and lots of grip