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TITOBURITO - negative

PhinxPhinx Posts: 297
The minuses outweigh the pluses with this seller. Bought a 2007 specialized rockhopper from him and he failed to do/mention a number of things.

1) Said he will service it, but nothing looked serviced when i got it

2) I specifically asked in a PM whether there is anything broken/damaged/leaking that i should look out for and he said all is well. Well i found 3 cracks in the middle ring. Will check more thoroughly as i go assembling it. Might get some more surprises

3) He did pack it thoroughly though,no faults there, but the outer box was completely trashed when i got it, so i ended up with parts to carry than one parcel.

4) Rear hub will die on me any day now. Hopefully a simple service will keep it going, but he failed to mention the condition of the hub a well.

I guess what i got is Acceptable for £180 pounds (i have my doubts though), and might not affect the overall performance. What i'm worried is whether there is any damage to the frame that was not mentioned. I got this bike for my other half so i'd like her to enjoy the ride, not end up in a hospital.

Overall i would steer clear of the seller. I should have though twice before making a deal since he had only 9 posts at the time, joined in 2007 and almost all posts are about selling stuff.
Giant Yukon FX3
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