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Red Cannondale Capo Single Speed Cambridge

Grazza82Grazza82 Posts: 11
edited August 2010 in Road stolen
Hi All,
If anyone sees a red Cannondale Capo single speed around the Cambridge area then please let me know. It was stolen from me last night on Pound Hill in Cambridge. There's only one logo on the top tube so it's quite distinctive.


  • Grazza82Grazza82 Posts: 11
    Hi All,
    I may have found my bike on Gumtree.
    Check out this advert, dodge-city or what?
    I've told Cambridge and Met Police, but it's tricky for them to do anything unless I know what borough it's being sold in. I'm not keen on phoning the number on my mob/landline, I've tried to ring him withholding my number but got no response.

    Any ideas?

    Of course with the minimal description it could easily not be my bike...
    Extra details of the bike are:
    Size 56cm.
    Halo front wheel - different to the rear.
    Fizik Pave saddle, rubbed on the nose to the left.
    Vittoria Pave tyres (the cool green ones!)
    50 x 17 gearing.
    For any budding sleuths out there.

    I absolutely love the bike but cannot really see any way to get it back, if the police can't do anything (although I only phoned them yesterday).

    If anyone can think of a way to help I'd be v grateful.
  • GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,227
    Would you like me to call?

    Gutted for you sorry as I know it's an excellent bike.
  • Grazza82Grazza82 Posts: 11
    Hi Gary,
    I you can imagine I was absolutely gutted, I'm not sure how you managed to set-up a bike that would be 100% perfect for me but it was!
    The situation at the moment is that cambridge police have contacted Gumtree with no luck and have also tried to phone the number on Gumtree but just get a voice message instructed them to send a text. Which they can't do for some reason. If you've got a number that you don't mind a potentially dodgy chap having and you can get his address (or confirm details) then that would be brill as it would interest met police into doing something.
    How are things otherwise?

    Can you believe that I bought a Focus Cayo last year as well, I bet you never thought our one meeting would have so much influenece on me!
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