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NEGATIVE - tytherington

andyhiltonandyhilton Posts: 156
Poor communication.
Messed me around on price and meeting up
Accusations of me pretending to be another seller in order to increase my own price WTF???

In short, a very strange man.


  • schofieschofie Posts: 278
    I have to agree. I bought some Fulcrum wheels from him and I can only describe the process as extremely painful, so much that when I eventually got the wheels and found that they had been properly trashed, I couldn't be bothered contacting him about it. He wouldn't accept any payment except cheque, which is fine but a bit of a pain in this day and age, then when it came to sending them he sent them with a 'friend' but couldn't give me a specific time (not sure why one can't ask a friend what time he's going to leave). Communication was difficult and I had to do my utmost to keep it all on track because he's awkward and unhelpful. The wheels themselves were absolutely no good to anybody except the tip. Overall seems like quite a negative little man who does the bear minimum required.
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