Lock for wheel-bender stand

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My uni has those stupid wheel-bender bike stands so I don't think a ULock is going to be any use. Need some suggestions on how to secure my bike. I've got quick releases on both wheels.


  • nicklouse
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    what does your insurance say you need?
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  • chedabob
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    Haven't got any insurance yet as I only got the bike yesterday (Carrera Fury). All I've got to lock it down at the moment is a £6 halfords loop and another cheap loop. The bike shed has a key lock, but quite often it doesn't lock properly, and I'm pretty sure the uni don't pay out if anything is stolen from the shed.

    EDIT: Just spoken to my mate as there's another shed with a proper lock on the door and stands that I can secure the frame to. Is a ULock enough, or should I secure the wheels too, and if so, will my current locks serve as enough of a deterrent for the wheels?