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Shimano Dura-=Ace Wheels, 2 weeks and need truing!!

birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
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Had a pair of shimano dura ace wheels for 2 weeks now. And when I got home, I span the back wheel and it literally stops against the brake on one side. Quite a big bit of movement going on.

Should I send them back or simply take them to Evans to get them adjusted. Thing is I need them to race on in a weeks time!!


  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    If they are out of true then they are out of true. There isn't much that anyone on the forum can actually tell you. You need to get them trued. However that is accomplished. Whether they are 2 weeks or 6 months old is sort of irrelevant. Maybe you used them daily and abused them. Maybe you didn't. Maybe that one pothole that you hit the other day. Bunch of maybes, but they don't matter in the end. You need to get it fixed and if you can't do it yourself, well, that's why there are LBS's. You may even have to send it back to Shimano if the LBS can't do it. Things like this can be a problem with some "factory wheels" as opposed to "handbuilts". Looks like there is the possibility that you may have to use your "training wheels" for the next race or two. Don't worry, they will work just fine. There is no rule that says you must use high end, big dollar wheels when racing. I have actually seen, with my own eyes, a racer WIN a race on 32 spoke wheels with
    Ultegra groupset hubs.
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