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I have just had my first ride on my new Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc!
I had a lot of fun!
I was just wondering what to pick up as I am new to the sport. Got clothes, so tools, gadgets etc.
And what should I always go riding with?
Also the stock tires don't seem great so what advice could you give me on what ones to get?



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    I always take a pump, spare tubes, a multi tool and some tyre levers. Other tings to think about would be something to carry them in, either a camelback or one of the cheaper copies, Decathlon and Tesco do them with a bladder for closer to £ 20 and they work pretty well.

    Tyres are a minefield. Everyone has their own prefered tyre. First thing to think about is your type of riding, what surfaces are you riding on. Then think about the size of tyre you want, 1.9, 2.1 & 2.35 inch widths. Thinner tyres roll faster but can provide less cushioning and grip (can pinch flat more easily too), thicker tyres handle better and soak up bumps and edges better but roll more slowly.

    Personally I'm running Maxxis High Roller 2.35 kevlar bead on my full suss (quite a popular choice) and Maxxis 2.2 Advantages on my hardtail.

    Just be aware even when you've decided on your tyre of choice, narrowed down the size (no pun intended) there can still be many options, for the High Rollers in 2.35 width I think there's 6 or 8 variation, different tackiness of rubber, different bead material (kevlar or steel) and varying numbers of reinforcing ply.

    Have fun choosing.
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