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have rockhopper pro and just been told the brakes are not very good they are avid 4 and i was under the impression that they were good brakes. can i upgrade and to what thanks


  • Chunkers1980
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    You were told they were not very good? By who? Do you think they are not very good?
    Tried any others to compare?
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    Mate you PMed me - just reply!
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    sorry about that right only been biking 6 wks and cos my brakes have got cables apparently the good brakes dont have
    so i dont know the diff and wouldnt know which brakes to try
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    The Rockhopper Pro has hydraulic brakes, not cable.
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    i think someone is telling you things and they don't have a clue about bikes.
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    If you have cable you must have an old one.

    When you said Avid 4 - I thought you meant the specialized J4 hydro versions?

    More info!
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    Juicy 4's are indeed hydros, not cabled. I think they are just vairant Juicy 3s, which are good brakes. Not worth the upgrade I'd say.
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    Yes but Avid '4' are canti brakes! No mention of J or juicy
  • milt
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    the bike is the 2010 model and it says that the brakes are avid elixir 4 hydraulis disc brakes
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    Hydraulic means hydraulic = no cables.
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    Elixir are great brakes.
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    By any chance was the person that gave you this advice either

    A. selling a set of brakes

    B. willing to offer you £20 for said "not very good" Avid brakes so you could buy some proper brakes?

    Either way, don't ever speak to them again.
  • At least run the brakes until they are knackered, no point in changing just to keep up with the Jones'/Barry jump and his full XTR Carrera.