Shoulder blade Pain when riding

Mawdz19 Posts: 22
My Mrs is suffering from pain around the shoulder blade area when riding anything over 15miles +. She has tried cycling without a Camelbak and she still gets the pain.

She rides a 15inch Specialized Myka hard tail which she is really happy with and is a good fit for her size. This prooblem as only started as we have started increasing the miles as she gets fitter.

It does look like she is slightly hunched so have tried increasing reach with a slightly laid back seatpost, still the problem exists.

Is there any other bike set up we could try ?

Was thinking of fitting a longer stem however this will have implications on bike handling.

The hills have eyes.


  • probjones
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    Where abouts is the pain exactly?

    I used to suffer with pains at the top of my right shoulder blade a few years ago.

    Apparantley you can only feel pain at a nerve ending. I'd had a car crash, which had left the bones in my neck slightl out of line, leading to pressure on a nerve, which was felt at the end of the nerve, in my shoulder. I think the term the physioterrorist used was 'Refered pain'.

    I only suffered when I was on my bike, to do with the position my shoulders were when riding.

    A few sessions of manipulation later, things are loads better!!! :lol:
    It seemed a good idea at the time..............
  • robertpb
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    A photo of your wife on her bike would be helpful, so we can see how she fits the bike.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"