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I'm an idiot, help me set-up my bike....

chrisbassistchrisbassist Posts: 115
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
had my bike for about 3 days now, think i got everything together right...

each day i've done about 3/4 miles, and i've noticed a noise.

when i'm pedalling, it get a weird noise, when i turn the bit around the crank which tightens the chain, it stops, so i guess it's a loose chain sort of noise. which I ASSUME is why that bit is there by the crank.

problem is, I don't know how you tighten that bit. i move it round a little to stop the noise, and a few hard pushes later its moved back round making the noise again...

Back in my BMX days all I did in that situation was move the back wheel a bit further back... that kept the chain nice and tight. but there doesn't appear to be a way of doing that on this bike.

anyone help?

oh, and a simple one, the adjustment on the forrks has a - and a +, which way does what? does the + make the suspension harder? or does it add movement?


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