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gjw2309gjw2309 Posts: 33
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I am currently looking to buy my first road bike and have been taking advice from various shops and friends. They have all told me just to compare the components of the bikes which i have tried but i am still non the wiser. I am looking to spend no more the £600 if possible, the bikes i currently looking at the following bikes:

the specalized allez sport (£599)

the felt z100

i am a 6"5' and have been told i would need a 61. and would be using the bike to cycle to college and training so mostly town riding but with the occasional use with a group of friends who are greatly into their bikes. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


  • stokepa31stokepa31 Posts: 559
    get an allez elite 2009 used. as they qualified for the cycle to work scheme there are tons of them about with barely any miles on. i picked one up for £550 in showroom condition as my winter bike.

    if you really do want new, both the bikes you mention are nice. felt will probably be a bit more upright and therefor potentially more comfortable.
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  • gjw2309gjw2309 Posts: 33
    where do u suggest to look for used bikes(sorry very new to this) i have looked on ebay but have struggled to find ones that i would fit i.e. around a 61cm, as for the cycle to work scheme my work only allows you to use halfords and you can only enrolle in that from january to december and i was kinda wanting the bike quicker than that. i have also heard that the boardman bikes they offer are also very reasonble specs for there prices.

    comfort would be a key buying factor for me as i am worried about getting a sore back from the bike.

    thanks for the reply
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