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Swapping over wheels?

judith_swjudith_sw Posts: 101
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I've only just got my new bike (and am loving it, having had a great run out on a local trail this morning), but have always been a bit of a bike-nerd :oops: and I can feel it all coming back, having drifted in and out of bikes over the years when work has allowed it.

I will be interested in up-grading bits and pieces at some point and have already posted on this subject. I DO intend to enjoy the bike as it is for now (especially as the budget is blown), BUT I am left with some questions that are probably best in this forum, as it's new ground for me.

I like the idea of having tyres for the rough stuff and also more light trail/road versions that I can change according to what I want to do. I'm also interested in going tubeless at some point as well. I was thinking of swapping wheels from my old HT, but my husband is learning to ride on that and enjoying it, so I may need to consider a second pair of wheels.

So, my questions are:
:?: Is it reasonably easy to set up a second set of wheels (e.g. for disc brakes and gears)? I could buy an identical cassette for the second set, but I know nothing about setting up disc brakes ... this has always been left to the LBS.
:?: Would it be worth splashing out on wheels that are tubeless ready, even though going tubeless could be a while away? If so, are there any recommended wheels that don't cost the earth.
:?: Could it be worth buying quality second-hand wheels as a way of keeping the cost down? Again, any recommendations gratefully received.

Thank you in advance - this is a great forum!


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