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My 21st!!!

rajMANrajMAN Posts: 429
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No not age unfortunately, but years i have been riding! Should really have introduced myself before now but have only recently purchased a laptop, not into computers as such.

Anyhow, i reckon it is about 21 years since my first proper ride with my brother and his mate who had been riding regularly for a couple of years, hence i got pasted. Since that time I have learnt many things and not learnt many others. Been through the junk miles stage, joined the club thing and raced (3rd cat and proud :D ) then lost all motivation for a few years. I have given a lot of my life to cycling, but which has also given me so much too. I couldn't imagine NOT going out on the bike now, as its "In the blood" so to speak. Met a few famous cycling faces over the years and still thoroughly enjoy pro cycling despite the constant troubles that dog the sport!

So enough of my rambling, I enjoy reading the forum, it is the best out there which I have seen and my attitude is always light maybe with a hint of sarcasm!! The heavy stuff i'll leave to others. Happy riding everyone and cheers :D


  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
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    finally got the laminate floor done in the living room joy
    going downhill slowly
  • rajMANrajMAN Posts: 429
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