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A phone for touring??

berlinerberliner Posts: 340
edited June 2010 in Tour & expedition
Am planning a couple of weeks in France with car, bike and tent. I'm a low user of mobile phones (perhaps £12 per month pay as you go at present).

All I need is
1. some internet access where I could plan and map my routes onto my Garmin Edge and maybe read the news etc.

2. Perhaps some storage to take the odd film and make the odd video. I don't play games on the phone.

Should I keep my basic brick phone and go for something like a Apple iPod Touch.


  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    I´m a great fan of the iPod Touch. I´ve even posted on here with one, and the software etc has been very useful. Free WiFi is generally easy to find. Data roaming on the other hand is pretty expensive (or at least it was the last time I looked).

    Tesco Mobile offer some of the best rates for low users calling home and using the phone within Europe.

    If you´re staying any length of timein one country you might want to consider getting a local SIM card (costs about 25 euros so it's only worthwhile if you are using it a fair bit). I´ve been very happy with my spanish SIM from The Phone House (what Carphone Warehouse are called in the rest of Europe). I don't know wheter they do similar deals in other countries.
  • nadirnadir Posts: 115
    mcdonalds provide free internet access for the price of a coffee
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