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burrell3143burrell3143 Posts: 63
edited March 2012 in Routes
whilst searching for new riding opertunities i came across eastridge in shropshire. has anybody riden it.


  • PaulBarmanPaulBarman Posts: 35
    went there this evening - great fun!
  • bennaylorbennaylor Posts: 52
    depends where your coming from as its only around 8km long. But there is plenty of other stuff around the area that you could try, like Long Mynd or Hopton Wood

    Its okay for me as i'm local but I find it dosn't flow that well
  • tom_funtom_fun Posts: 171
    Holy thread revival Batman!!!

    Anyone care to share opinions on the merits of Eastridge & Hopton? Going to the Long Mynd soon for a short blast in the morning and wondered where to go in the afternoon?
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