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Short trip to Provence / South of France for famous climbs..

derekwattsderekwatts Posts: 107
edited June 2010 in Tour & expedition
Hi All

I am planning a trip to the South of France in August for my 40th, to take in a few famous Tour climbs over 4 or 5 days. The plan at the moment is to fly to Marseille then drive up to Mont Ventoux, then fter a day or so there, head towards the Alps, maybe Alpe D'Huez, before driving back to Nice and flying home from there. What other climbs would you all recommend on the way to and around Marseille / Nice?

Also, any experieces taking bike boxes on Easy Jet or BA?

I should add, I've just bought a Garmin Edge. Is there any resources for downloading the maps into the Garmin to make sure I follow the actual Tour route and not ascend from another easier route?

Many thanks



  • bikergirl17bikergirl17 Posts: 344
    taken a bike on both multiple times with a hard case... and a breeze (unlike ryanair). plus good weight limits, so if you use a hard case you can toss in a lot of other things.

    also, you may want to check out this multi-day sportive in august that takes in some classic climbs. you can join up on any stage for about £25.
  • ralexralex Posts: 85
    The Col d'Izoard was my favourite on a tour from Geneva to Nice a few years ago, also enjoyed the Col du Galibier, and the Col de la Cayolle (and the ride to Nice from there via Gorge de Daluis etc.)
  • derekwattsderekwatts Posts: 107
    Thanks very much! The Alpes Open Tour looks great but sadly comes a week too early for my holidays.

    The loose plan at the moment is to fly to Marseille, drive up to Mont Ventoux, ride that, then drive over to Alpe d'Huez, ride that, then back towards Nice. Looks like Galibier is an easy drive from Alpe d'Huez so I'll do that as well - shame to miss it! Longest drive is from Mont Ventoux to Alpe d'Huez at 300km, but I am sure the scenery is spectacular.

    I could probably fit in more but I am sure 3 days of my wife driving up a mountain behind me at 10mph staring at my sorry censored will be enough for her...

    Maybe I should get her to drive on ahead with the hazards on throwing cheap censored and paper hats out the sunroof to authenticate the experience!

    Or maybe not..

    Thanks again

  • ralexralex Posts: 85
    We did the Galibier from the north side, which includes the Col du Telegraphe, then dropped down to Briancon once over the top, I think that is the direction I would recommend, although I've not done it from the south so can't be sure.
    If you are in Le Bourg d'Oisans for Alpe d'Huez, you might be as well to climb the Galibier from that side and ride all the way from Le Bourg and back down the same way on the same day, that way your wife can have a day off from following you?
  • BarbesBarbes Posts: 72
    Easy jet were fine when I used them to Paris a couple of years ago. They have a decent limit (30kg I think) and fairly clear rules (unlike some) so you can pack a few bits in your box and possibly save on a checked case.
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 688
    I did the same kind of trip a couple of years ago. I did Mont Ventoux first day then travelled over to Bourg d'Oisan and did Alpe D'Huez day 2 the the Galibier day 3 then the Glandon/Croix De Fer day 4. AS for the wife being bored I set off at 6 am to aviod the heat so most days I was back by dinner time and able to spend the rest of the day with the family. IMHO there is no need to ride supported if you keep the rides a little shorter.
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