Which cleaner and what essentials to buy

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My bike should be on its way to me in the next couple ofweek, so I'm just getting a few bits together so that I can get going straight away. I've got:

Spare inner tubes
Puncture repair kit
Hydration rucksack
Appopriate clothing (including gloves)

Is there anything else that you think is a must? I have piked up most of this list from reading on these forums as it is, but any extra recommended essentials would be welcome!

Also, is there a recomended bike cleaner around? I've only really heard of Muc-Off!


  • Fenwicks FS-1 bike cleaner works out at £1 a litre so 6 times cheaper than Muc-Off and as good
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    Might sound daft, but is your bike coming with pedals? If it is I'd invest in a pair of cycling specific shoes (if not included in your 'appropriate clothing' section above)

    Apart from that just get some jelly snakes and you're away.
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    Spare batteries for your lights to keep in your pack/a smaller spare light, and if you are thinking of any kind of gravity based riding, maybe some kneepads if you havent already got
    Haro Thread 8
    Please help!

    "It's like parkour, on a bike"
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    Bucket, sponge, brushes and chain lube. Always feels better to ride a clean bike than a dirty one. :lol:
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    Some great advice - thanks!

    Is there any highly recommended chain lube? Or are they much the same?
  • Not many things are essential really.

    Obviously puncture repair rates highly on the list as you don't want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Which brings a thought: have you tried getting the tyres off your bike? Some of them are an absolute pig, and the tyre levers you often get with puncture repair kits will leave you crying in frustration, sat by the side of the road in the pissing rain. And yes, I know there's plenty of 'real men' on here who will insist that every tyre can be removed with their bare hands, but seriously, it's about £2 for a new set.

    Multitool. Does it have a chain splitter? As above, anything that will stop you getting stuck in the middle of nowhere will be much appreciated when it's needed, and deeply missed when you're pushing the 10 miles home.

    If you've got everything to fix your bike when you're out, and some half decent clothes for the longer rides, you're good to go.

    Cleaning can be done with a bucket of water. Soap of any kind is optional. Though some kind of lube is essential really if you want to keep it running smooth and stop it going rusty. Some degreaser is handy too for getting the thick of it off the drivetrain once it's built up after a while. There's probably loads of expensive cleaning tools out there too but an old toothbrush does the job pretty well on the harder to clean areas.

    If you're planning on doing your own bike maintenance too, some grease will come in handy when you're stripping parts down or installing new.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone - I'll get some Fenwicks, spare tyre levers and chain lube and I'll have a look at some shoes, but they may have to wait as I've already spent a fair bit and the car's in for some work this week!