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New forks to replace 2005 Fox Vanillas?

CoveChrisCoveChris Posts: 8
edited May 2010 in MTB buying advice
I'm thinking of replacing my very worn out 2005 Fox Vanilla R's, but I've not payed much attention to what's on the market for the last couple of years, so am now a bit clueless when looking at all the new forks now available! (a lot seem to have a new axle system - does this mean new hubs required?)

I ride a 2005 Cove Handjob hardtail, all XC riding - mostly casual, not raced for a few years, though that may change in the future. The Vanillas have lasted me well, and I'm looking for something very similar in quality & feel - I'm open to any suggestions (not just Fox), but as long as I'm not going down in quality! Price range I wouldn't want to pay much more than I did for the original Vanillas, which I think were £330ish at the time. A bit more if it's worth it.

Thanks guys,



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