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hi people I have broken my wrist in 4 places, I have been trying to do as much fitness on my exercise bike as i can, but is there anything that can help with my recovery?


  • MountainPete
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    I'd say don't use your wrist.

    Running is probably pretty good?
  • rhyko7
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    ive just torn the ligaments in mine 3 weeks ago, assuming you have done ligaments too
    if you braek something you have to let the bone heal 1st which normally only takes a couple or a few weeks
    .ie when they take the cast or splint off
    then use your wrist as much as you can and get physio, you dont want to do anything that causes pain, just lots of mobility exercises, and when you can, start adding resistance either using a band or weights.
    from experience they can take ages to heal, im hoping to start riding lightly 6 weeks after i did the damage, i cant grip a handle bar firmly yet so cant even go on the road
    i may do a couple runs next week
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