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GXP 16mm outer crank bolt fell off, is this bad?

ToastyToasty Posts: 2,598
edited May 2010 in Workshop
My Tricross has a Truvativ Elita chainset, yesterday I removed the cranks (using only the 8mm bolt inside) to grease the axles. It seemed to self-extract fine and pop itself off, yesterday I was praising the genius design.

Unfortunately today out on a ride the outer 16mm bolt part seems to have fallen off somewhere, over about 15miles of country road, so it's pretty much a gonna. I take it the outer part is there JUST for the self extraction? Will it be safe without it for a bit?



  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    The outer piece just holds the bolt captive to aid self-extraction - it won't make any difference to the function of your crank. Without it may make it tricky to remove the crank in the future tho.
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