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Water inside frame

gattocattivogattocattivo Posts: 500
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I did a race yesterday in very heavy rain (see this thread). Someone told me I should check for water inside the frame, so today I removed the seatpost and turned the bike upside down and a load of dirty water came out. When I turned the bike the right way up again I could still hear some water swooshing around in there, so I turned it upside down again and another load of dirty water came out. I repeated this about ten times. I can't seem to get any more water out, but I can still hear some in there. When I turn the bike upside down some water seems to be leaking out of the forks. Is there something I can do to get rid of the rest of it? Do I need to do any special lubrication afterwards?


  • da gooseda goose Posts: 284
    race in the dry ?
    Seriously depending on frame material most have a small hole drilled in b/bracket shell to release water/moisture.
    Check the cable guide on b/bracket isnt obstructing any hole that may already be present.
    Will need to think about b/bracket re grease depending on design and how well sealed etc.Probably worth stripping down if only to re grease threads so it doesnt seize later.
  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    I find just rotating the bike around gets rid of it.
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  • justrestingjustresting Posts: 292
    If you have a cable guide screwed to underside of btm bracket take screws out & leave to drain.
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