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Trails nr Oxford

chrisbassistchrisbassist Posts: 115
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I've tried searching the forum and the Internet in general, and I just can't find anything.

I know it's pretty flat round here but there must be something in an area with so many cyclists around...

Anyone know of anything good near Oxford? If possible I'd prefer to ride there, no cars involved then. So as many spots as possible and either links to websites or something I can search for on google maps would be great!


  • BenWatson89BenWatson89 Posts: 83
    Search google groups for Dreaming Spires Mountain Bike Club they have some routes around and about Oxford
    Where abouts are you from? Also have a quick look on the Oxford Uni Cycling club website (not sure how up to date it is...) for some routes however im not sure. You can also send me an email from the mtb captain email address([email protected]) if you fancy coming along on a ride or two on the weekends and I will tell you when and where we are going as well as what time we are leaving.

    Hope this helps
  • chrisbassistchrisbassist Posts: 115
    can't find anything for the Dreaming Spires Mountain Bike Club but the uni club site seems useful, maybe not so far as actual routes, but places to find them, which is great.

    living in Kidlington at the moment, but getting into oxford for a train elsewhere is easy enough (just cycle along the canal, may be a long route, but its safer and more interesting than going on the roads...)

    going on the rides would be great, but a pain most of the time I would imagine, I look after my daughter most of the time, since my wife is at work... and how well would you guys cope with an idiot who has only just got his first bike for over 7 years... I'm finding things pretty sketchy compared with what I used to do. I'm struggling with simple things, although I'm sure I'll get used to it again fairly quickly...
  • BenWatson89BenWatson89 Posts: 83
    Well just send me an email and I will tell you what is happening this weekend so if you fancy it you can come along.

    The google group is [email protected]

  • chrisbassistchrisbassist Posts: 115
    thats an ace offer, and I may well take you up on it in a couple of weeks time i think, but this weekend wouldn't be good, still finding my feet... and need to get a decent helmet before I try anything too serious...

    I'll be sure to check out the google group too...
  • There's some decent routes in the Chilterns. Mixture of on road and off road though
  • CletePurcelCletePurcel Posts: 68
    I used to ride trails around Oxford many years ago. I just bought an OS Explorer map and went out on bridleways until I built up knowledge of the better routes. I mainly went out north around Eynsham (I lived in Botley at the time).

    Now I am doing the same where I live now using Mapyx Quo mapping software in addition to the paper maps. There are a few websites with routes uploaded by other cyclists you could check out. Quo can directly link to these sites from any map location.
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  • chrisbassistchrisbassist Posts: 115
    Just had a quick look at that mapyx quo. Definately deserves a more thorough look. Cheers for mentioning it.
  • chrisbassistchrisbassist Posts: 115
    ok, I've had a look at quo. and i'm a little puzzled. I assume you have to buy the squares... when you've got them does it switch over to the more detailed data as you zoom in? it supposedly had free tiles (or trial ones). but i don't know where they are.

    how does it link to websites? or will i need to get in close enough to see a trail before it'll let me do that?
  • Yes. You have to buy the squares (or tiles as they call them) in batches of 6. I bought 6 tiles for my surrounding area and they are quite adequate for initial explorations.

    You should get 4 tiles free when you download the software so you can try it out. As you zoom in close enough the map switches to OS Explorer level. You can change the default so that the zoom is more sensitive (ie you can zoom farther out without the tiles disappearing).

    If you can't see the tiles make sure you have switched the 1:25000 maps on in the explorer. If you are in the explorer window (careful because it is sometimes minimized at the bottom left of the screen) go to the loaded maps tab. Then double click on the tile you want and it will take you there.

    There are guides to using the additional route websites here:

    When you find a route you want you can usually save a GPX file from the site and import this into Quo.

    Quo is hard to get used to at first. A much needed manual is supposed to be released this month. I have been using the forums on the Mapyx site to find out what I need. But it is probably the cheapest mapping software out there (free software with cheap OS tiles).
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