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rockhopper/ titanium bar dilemma

philcubephilcube Posts: 45
edited May 2010 in MTB beginners
hi all, new to all this forum stuff, here goes- having rediscovered the mtb bug after a long lay-off (12 yrs), i bought a cube acid (promptly nicked by pikeys), so am awaiting delivery of 2010 rockhopper sl. I've always used flat (non-riser) handlebars on my bikes, so will be changing the r/hopper ones. A friend of mine has a mint condition "X-LITE pro titanium" bar (circa 1994) that i could "have" for a tenner, the problem is, its not "oversize" 31.8mm, and all the stems on the market these days seem to be 31.8mm clamp, does anyone know if you can still get stems to fit non-oversize bars? or should i just 4get it and buy a "modern" 31.8 bar? i just like the idea of having "something a little different" on my bike, thnx for reading, any advice welcome.


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