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SS Build.(Black and Pink)

Skippy2309Skippy2309 Posts: 426
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Just started this project, I just secured a Road frame (just under £50 delivered) - Its basically the whole bike, Bit beat up (in terms of finish) but its all going to be stripped and powder coated. its for my Missus and she wants black and pink after seeing my black and orange bike :P

Back on track now, I am going to single speed it as I have a fixed/free hub and a 16t SS cog, I will use the front wheel it comes with, Have the bars, stem, brakes, pedals etc already.

Main things I need is to find a threaded head set adapter to run the thread less stem (need to find one somewhere). Also need to sort out the cranks Can I just fit the Chain Ring or am I going to need to get a whole new Crankset and BB?

Just really need to get a Saddle but thats going to be the last thing to buy - dont care what any one says the saddle is the most important part of any bike :P

Cant believe I managed to snag the bike for that price, perhaps I shouldnt have promised to build her one in a drunken chat but what ever happens its going to look the part when its done and ready to ride :D

PS aim is to build it and finish it to the exact spec needed for under £250, Wish me luck
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