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Leg (behind the knee) pain?

Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
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After eventually getting rid of my hand problems this year, I now appear to have picked up an ijury in my left leg. I think I may have (kind of) jarred my left knee last week when riding last week, when fully extended, and it certainly let me know about it during yesterday's ride...and all day afterwards too.

The pain is behind my left knee and is at its most painful when I extend my leg, but also when I bend my knee, walk etc. It is a bit of an issue when pedalling too as my leg extends at the bottom of the pedal stroke. I don't usually have too many issues regarding this kind of thing, but this year my body is having a bit of a moan, for some reason.

I am off out for another ride this morning, but I know that it will be painful because it's already stiff this morning (insert Carry On entendre here :wink: ), but I will see how it goes.

I assume that I have pulled something around the back of the knee area. Has anyone had similar? If so, any tips on how to help sort it?
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  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    Sometimes you can pull the base of the hamstring which inserts behind the knee. Rest and stretching usually cures it.
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  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,132
    Sounds like a baker's cyst. Basically, when you injure the knee there is a build up of sinovial fluid which collects behind the knee and can cause discomfort / restricted movement. So not necessarily an injury to the back of the knee. Rest probably required I'm afraid...
  • Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458

    I've been out this morning and it's bloody uncomfortable. I know you're correct and rest is the answer, but it's not what I wanted to hear.

    However, there's no point in running the risk of making the injury worse through being a fool.
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  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    Had it a couple times recently. First experience of it was when i did C2C last October. Bloody painful, especially when you've still got 70 miles to go.

    Took a good while to get better. 600mg of Ibuprofen should help and reduce the swelling a tad.
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  • Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
    I, reluctantly, gave it a miss this morning. However, my knee is starting to feel like it did when I tore a cartlidge last year. I had an operation to sort it, but I'm hoping I haven't gone and done something similar again.

    Getting old sucks! :roll:
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  • sampras38sampras38 Posts: 1,917
    Have you had the same seat height for some time, or any changes recently?

    Also, it may not be, but have you considered you might have a mild case of iliotibial band (IT band) syndrome?

    Or, it may be casued by your cleat position being a little too narrow (pointing inwards).
  • CycloRosCycloRos Posts: 579
    I had something similar last year, did it just getting off my bike fully extending my leg and ping something went!

    The pain was behind my knee but it turned out to be a tear in one of the calf muscles (gastrocs) that attaches behind the knee.

    Get to a physio and total rest would be my advice.
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