The eternal dillema made even more difficult.

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Hello all.

I am getting back into MTB after a good few years out. I used to have a Claud Butler Gatecrasher 3 and used to be into jumping and trails.

Basically I am looking for a hardtail (circa £650) that can do a bit of XC, Trails and hard dirt riding whilst also getting me back and forth to work (4/5 miles daily through Cardiff). However I will be getting it through the Cycle to Work scheme and thus there are a few (annoying) pre-requisites:

*It must be bought from so pointers to the Carrera Fury or Merlin Malt 1 are appreciated but not helpful (sorry!!!).

*It needs to be a 17/18 inch frame (I have lower back problems).

I have kind of narrowed it down to:

The Norco appeals to me as it sits in the middle ground between a hardtail and dirt bike but the others seem capable especially the Mongoose (who i thought a few years ago were to be "avoided").

Any help is greatly appreciated, so much has changed in the scene in the last few years it appears.

Thanks so much.


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    I think your best bet is to try and visit the shop and sit on them because of your back.

    The Norco is indeed a thrasher - and will be quite a bit heavier because of that. The Hardrock and Cannodale sit more towards the XC side of things whilst the Goose is in the middle really.

    All have decent forks and kit, but I'd say the Mongoose offers the best value and fork.
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    I managed to visit Tredz yesterday and we determined that a medium (17/18) frame would be best, I think the Mongoose would be good, i've heard that the Tora is a good fork and rare on a bike under £600?

    For the record im a larger person, 5ft 10, 15 stone so would the Norco perhaps be more suited?

    Thanks again.
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    Sizes vary a lot - the 17 you tried may be totally different to another lol. It is ball park for you though.

    The Mongoose will easily handle your weight, and more. And yep, the Tora is an excellent fork.
  • Jimsan
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    Excellent, it is likely i will go with the Mongoose and put a shorter stem on to ease the stretch.

    Thanks for the help!!!! :D