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shimano rs10 rear rim

invaderinvader Posts: 29
edited June 2010 in Workshop
Hello, i have bent my rear RS10 shimano wheel rim , ie not repairable condition. Spares for this wheelset are not availble since i checked with madison directly. what should I do? are there any oem rims that i can lace this wheel again ? they have less then 4 months of work but i found a damn big pothole.


  • sturmeysturmey Posts: 964
    For what you're going to pay to have a new rim fitted you could probably buy another new wheel.
    The RS10 wheelset is available for around £90- keep the wheel as a spare I would say.
    Definitely a waste of money getting it repaired.
  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    ive got a pair ive had no problems with them in 2 years
    going downhill slowly
  • LegshaverLegshaver Posts: 75
    It's definitly a good idea to buy another wheel of the same type, especially if you are happy enough with the wheels.

    Shimanos RS10s are good entry level wheels and I've been very happy with mine. However, my riding buddy has broken a rear spoke on his and has been waiting for a replacement spoke for some weeks now. This lack of Shimano wheel spokes is apparently not unusual, and several riders have had similar problems. I don't know if it's just Shimano, but if you replace your damaged wheel at least you can use the good bits as spares should anything happen in future.

    You might also be able to help out other riders with spare spokes - for a small fee of course. :wink:
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