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Bontrager Race Lite wheels (2009 model)

LidsLids Posts: 8
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I crashed my Trek Madone 5.2 last week and was advised that I could get away with just a new rim for my front wheel.

The bike shop have been able to get the new rim but tell me they can't get the spokes! Consequently I'm told I need a whole new wheel. Problem is they can't get a new wheel to match the 2009 (silver colour) and I would have to have the 2010 version which is Black.

Two questions please:-

1 Does anyone know where I could source the spokes as this would save me a lot of money (£150 for new wheel or more likely £350 for two wheels so they match!)?

2 If I decide to spend £350 on the new Race Lites would I be better buying a different set of wheels i.e. can I get better quality for the money?



  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    1/ Why does it need new spokes if it is just a damaged rim? I have wheels on their 4th rim still using the same spokes.
    2/ If they can not get the Bonti spokes from Trek then any correct length ones will do the job.
    I have the 2008 versions and have found them to be good. Fairly stiff, comfortable and roll well. Any at the same money will be much the same. Just get the wheel rebuilt.
  • LidsLids Posts: 8
    Thanks John.

    The bike shop (Boneshakers in Harrogate) tell me that there is a good chance that the spokes will be damaged because of the impact to the rim - I hit a curb when not concentrating!!

    I would prefer to have the wheel rebuilt as that must be the cheaper option. I'll scour the internet for someone to rebuild the wheel - I'm not partcularly mechanical, I just enjoy riding the bike.

    Thanks again.
  • zexelzexel Posts: 54

    I recently trashed a front rim of my Bontrager Race wheels. After looking around at the options (rebuilding or new) I came to the conclusion that it was cheaper and easier to just get some new wheels. I've since replaced both wheels with some Mavic Cosmic Elite (£300), not a particularly light wheel but meet my needs perfectly.

    Although saying that I would probably had gone with some of these had I not already got the Mavics. ( ... -473-p.asp ) at £189.95.
  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    How bady damaged was the rim? A total write off? I'm sure Sapim do black bladed spokes that are pretty much identical to the ones Bontrager use. Sounds like you need to find a decent wheel builder who knows what they are talking about. Just go for the Select wheels instead. They cost £60-70 for the front and are available in black AFAIK. There is little difference in the weight compared to the Race Lite at the front. You won't notice unless you are a Pro rider.
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  • Hi did you sort your wheel problem

    I have an 09 race lite front wheel with white spokes in good condition with new bearings yours for £100

    [email protected]
  • LidsLids Posts: 8

    Still haven't got round to it - sorry for the delay in responding but work gets in the way!

    Is the wheel new? If it isn't, has it had any accidents or damaged in any way?

    I assume it's the silver colour with the red bontrager stripes?


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