Which Bike would you choose?

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Hi all!

I'm after a new bike for around the £1000 mark.
After a couple of weeks of trying to find the right bike i've whittled it down to the final 2.

This bike will be used for XC not Downhill.

Which 1 of these would you prefer to have, which is money best spent?

Giant Alliance Zero (2009)
http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/products.p ... 1b4s2p2292


GT Zaskar Carbon Expert (2009)
http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/products.p ... 1b1s2p2230

Both are similar priced, the GT has a carbon frame & in my opinion styling wise looks better.
The Giant is part carbon part Alu frame & looks to have better components, including forks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i just cant decide?