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anyone got a gpx of the july trail at afan?

M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
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got a trip coming up next month ans we're going to do W2 and whites but was wondering about July, anyone got a gpx of it? or any youtube stuff?
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  • Tom BartonTom Barton Posts: 516
    W2 is essentailly the wall and whites level - search those in you tube with maybe the words afan or glyncorrwg and you'll get loads of stuff to watch in varying degrees of quality!
  • M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
    i know about W2 and whites having already done them. i was after some info on july...
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    The July trail is basically a shorter version of Skyline. It keeps most of the singletrack but dispenses with most of the fireroad. Basically follow Skyline but turn right at marker post 18 (straight after 'Granada') to shortcut to the start of 'Fast Forward'. If you want a longer loop you can shaortcut at marker 27 or 36 as well. It's all on the official map here if you haven't already got it.
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  • JustGoRideJustGoRide Posts: 37
    I rode it a month or so ago... Its a great trail. basically a shorter way of getting to do the great final downhill of skyline without doing the whole thing.

    here's a link:

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