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Maps for plotting route

jteightyjteighty Posts: 120
edited May 2010 in Tour & expedition

I want to plan a route to Paris via newhaven/dieppe and I am not sure which maps to buy. I'd like them to be very clear.

Any advice?




  • tatanabtatanab Posts: 1,283
    It depends on the sort of roads you intend to use. Michelin 1:200000 is what I use for a quick look see, and many people tour on them quite happily (including me in the past). These days I prefer the IGN TOP100 series at 1:100000 because I spend more time in the very small roads and so appreciate the better detail.
  • cycladeliccycladelic Posts: 641
    A good, cheap option would be to buy a big road atlas - Michelin and the AA do them of France - and just phoocopy the pages you need. You can then use the Atlas in the future for other trips across the water. They cost about a tenner.

    Have you looked at the online Michelin site, which allows you to see all the small lanes?..
    It's an uphill climb to the bottom
  • jteightyjteighty Posts: 120
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Do any Michelin maps cover my whole route in France (dieppe to Paris)? I've looked at their maps but they only coer small parts of the country so I'll need to carry several with me :(


  • tatanabtatanab Posts: 1,283
    If you use 1:200000 you need 2 sheets If that is too bulky you can probably cut the bottom half off the Paris map. Even using IGN TOP100 at 1:000000 you need only 3 sheets ... france.htm
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